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The Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce is “your business network” and through the participation of its member volunteers on committees and task forces, works to influence municipal, provincial and federal legislation affecting over 1,000 business members.

The origins of our beginnings can be traced back to the fall of 1895 and the Sudbury Board of Trade.During Sudbury’s early years, the community was experiencing rapid growth from the burgeoning mining sector. Many local small businesses believed that Sudbury was on the verge of great expansion and growth and wanted to encourage new businesses to come to the area. On March 30, 1895, a group of 34 small businesses got together to form an organization that would promote business opportunities in Sudbury, while helping existing businesses and residents deal with issues concerning insurance, railway rates and roads. This organization was known as the Board of Trade of the Town of Sudbury and the Township of McKim. On October 3, 1895, the association was officially incorporated and became known as the Sudbury Board of Trade (SBT).

Frank Cochrane - First Chamber PresidentThe first president was Frank Cochrane, owner of the Cochrane Dunlop Hardware store and one of the most successful politicians in the area. A councillor and mayor, he eventually became the Minister of Railways for the federal government.

For a fee of $3.00, any small business in the Sudbury community was welcome to join the Sudbury Board of Trade. The founding members consisted of butchers, merchants, insurance agents and jewelers.

In 1942, board members voted to rename the SBT to the Sudbury and District Chamber of Commerce. Fifty years later, the Ontario Government amalgamated municipalities across the province and the Chamber amended its name to reflect the community and added ‘Greater’ to the name.

Over the past 112 years, the Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce has been led by 63 community leaders and provided an opportunity for hundreds of dedicated and passionate business leaders to volunteer their skills and experiences on committees, task forces and panels.


The Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce works to preserve and further the operation of Greater Sudbury’s businesses based upon individual freedom of choice and personal initiative and responsibility.

Through the participation of its member volunteers on committees and task forces, the Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce influences federal, provincial and local legislation affecting business. It is this grass roots involvement that sets the Chamber apart from many other organizations in representing the business viewpoint.

From its early beginnings, the concept remains the same: a voluntary organization representing the business community who is dedicated toward improving the progress and prosperity of its members.

As members of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, we engage senior political and bureaucratic members on the issues affecting our community.

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